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Please call the pharmacy to inquire about store hours or delivery service as they may have changed.

  • Fast, secure access to a doctor
  • More than 100 languages available
  • Fast booking option for urgent appointments
  1. Click here* to access the Tia Health portal. 
  2. Login into the platform using your credentials.  
  3. Select your preferred pharmacy. 
  4. Book a consultation with a doctor of your choice. 

After your consultation, your doctor can send a prescription to your pharmacist directly and discuss the best treatment options. 

Your pharmacist will take it from there!

Your local pharmacist

Your local pharmacist is a frontline healthcare professional that can help you with more than just your prescriptions. They can also act as a main point of contact for any questions about your health and medication.

To discover what they can do for you in depth, read the article below on their scope of work.

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